Biblical Christianity

About Ed and his faith

First and foremost, I will like to address myself, my name is Edward Lee I'm currently 30 years of age I currently reside in Visalia California. I have actually lived in Visalia for most of my life. I'm a baptized member of Visalia's Seventh Day Adventist Church. My reason this website has been established as stated on the home page is to help provide answers to tough questions about the christian faith, by means of using apologetics, logic and scripture to tackle tough issues that even Christians in this generation are having difficulties answering due to atheistic and skeptic scrutiny. Furthermore, I address specifically what I believe and affirm what I believe; I humbly admit I do not have all the answers and I will admit that I am not a theologian with a masters degree from any biblical seminary; I just study on my own behalf and know what I believe to be true and will defend my faith to the very end. I have on this site on the links section various links to very helpful websites pertaining to various areas of Christianity. Another reason for this site is that I'm just sick and tired of the christian faith being attacked, mocked, and undermined by many in today's post-modern society such as in Politics, Universities, Hollywood and the Arts to name but a few. Unfortunately in the cultural war, we Christians are losing the war for many unfortunate reasons. We have a very serious calling, some Christians don't even realize how serious is the calling but we have the calling to be salt and light in this dark world, we are to be sacrificial, kind, loving, confrontational and strong. Its a sad reality that 4 out of 5 young people are losing their faith, and many are being led astray by false doctrine that the apostles and Christ himself warned against that would happen. Without a doubt I'm a bible believing Christ follower, and have been officially converted to the truth since 2002 and have been growing in the faith since. I have had my difficulties and struggles many times since then, but truth is that its normal for believers to have struggles in their christian walk but we are to maintain our integrity and keep drawing close to God. The statement of my beliefs has been detailed on this site in order for the readers to know exactly what I believe. Furthermore, I will address that I am pro-life which I stand that abortion is murdering an innocent life and I'm very much against it, I am for truth and against error. I stand on what God's word says such as that alcoholism is a sinful conduct and not acceptable for a true Christ follower, drugs that ruin the body is a sin, bi-sexuality, homosexuality, lying, gossip, being hateful, being prideful, unforgiving, slandering one another, using profanity, blasphemy of God, being a racist; These are what Christianity stands against and so do I. They are unacceptable and they are responsible for many ills in society and many peoples behavior. Those attitudes and conducts are against God and as a result Sin and I believe that based on the word of God, any so-called christian who deliberately does these things are in error and needs to repent and stop living in those sins, and seriously needs to be regenerated by the Holy Spirit. One needs to examine himself or herself to see if he or she is truly in the faith. A christian who lives in sin ruins their testimony and gives Christ a negative image to the world and thus putting a stumbling block in other Christians path along with anyone whom is considering turning to Christ for salvation, so the christian whom is living in sin can be classified as a counterfeit christian as a result and is under God's wrath. (2 Corinthians 13:5, Matt.12:36/37, 7:21-23; Colossians 3:5-6, Heb.10:26-27)