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Atheism and morality

Posted on May 16, 2009 at 10:05 PM

Atheism, perhaps one of the fastest growing positions in America today, by definition an atheist is someone who does not believe in God or a god or anything that pertains to the supernatural, however, their are some that are considered agnostic-atheists which are those that are not sure if God exists, agnostic means "not knowing" they generally have not enough sufficent evidence to excersise a belief in God yet they are more open to evidence then a strong atheist. Atheists do not possess ample evidence that God does not exist they straight up reject God exists, some simply lack belief in God . Atheists generally attack the christian God and christians in ways that are devious and illogical. This is not to say that all atheists are hateful to God and christianity, but generally when in a dialogue with an atheist, especially in a chat room full of atheists; mockery, ridicule, slandering can be expected when God and or the name of Christ is mentioned. Atheists loath christianity and tend to use suffering and the crusades, and burden of proof as means to justify their position. Atheists tend to have a tremendous misunderstanding and distortion of what the message of christianity is and what a christian should represent. I can see how the many bad examples of those who claim to be christians taint and hinder the true message and meaning of who God is and what He stands for and how his people are to be salt and light in a dark fallen world. Atheists deny absolute truth and thus bring morality to majority opinion for how society should be conducted. Furthermore, they accept the theroy of evolution for the origin of life and use the book by Darwin " the origin of species, by means of natural selection and the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life" as their sacred book. The survival of the fittest is the philosophy of many renown atheists/evolutionists, humanity is regarded as primates being that they believe we evolved from lower life forms, ape-like ancestors. morality evolved over time along with logic being a concept of the mind, yet that is simply illogical being that human minds are different and tend to condradict one another. Atheists deny that we are made in the image of a loving, holy transendent creator God and thats what it boils down to. They do not want to be held accountable for their lives, they do not like the idea of thou shalt not, judgement, and that God has authority over his creation, so they simply block God out of their minds and deny him altogether and in that way must accept the illogical unscientific theory of evolution which has been proven wrong long ago. Many people have indeed cut themselves off from God, so they lost sense of how ugly sin really is, they live in a broken world but it seems normal to them, God is holy and just absolutely, but society tries to water it down and have done so very well unfortunately. Atheists have cut themselves off from God on purpose for the reason of pride and self-centerdness, I will agree that atheists can be moral, but not the same reasons that christians possess, atheists are required to follow laws and if they fail to do so, they will be penalized for violating the law as well as anyone else, they must cooperate and work with people and conduct themselves with honesty for the betterment of society and themselves as well, at the risk of labeling the atheist as self-centered, it does not serve the best interests of an atheist to murder or steal. It would not take long before he was imprisioned and or killed for his actions. The only difference is that their morality is a matter of opinion as stated earlier, society is merely left to compare ideas; atheists morals are not absolute. They do not have a set of moral laws from an absolute God by which right and wrong are judged. Christians derive morality from the word of God, the bible, christians say their is an absolute truth, their is a God that will hold us accountable for our lives, a God who sees our sins yet still loves us anyways. The God of the bible is the very God that atheists are waring themselves against a majority of the time, being that this country was founded by biblical principles. Evidence for God is very evident throughout creation, from cosmology the alignment of the planets, complexity of the planets especially earth, the complexity of nature the design of flowers, insects, animals, fish, etc, biology, the human anatomy, all the way down to micro organisms, atoms down to the subatomic levels, the DNA and RNA, the complexity of the human eye, which even Darwin struggled against due to its complexity.

Concept and design necessitate an intelligent designer- The presence of intelligent design proves the existence of an intelligent designer

God provides the best explanation for abstract notions such as numbers, mathematical formulae, chemical-based processes, and natural laws.

chaotic first elements cannot order themselves into complex information systems

God provides the best explanation for the seperate human functions of the brain and conscience (mind and matter)

God provides the best explanation for the absolute complexity inherent in cosmological, stellar, planetary, chemical, and biological systems.

God provides the best explanation for the existence of love, emotion, altruism, and inherent moral/ ethical values throughout the world. Much more rational reasoning can be explored to conclude that God does indeed exist, but I will leave it at that in the mean time. Now why does atheists require such evidence about God, their evidence they generally require is self-centered evidences, it has to be something testable, like disecting God and putting him under a microscope to analyze him as if he is a physical being of some sort who will bow down to their arrogance and requirements.But that is exactly what we Christians should expect. After all, the Bible tells us in Romans chapter 1 that?s what will happen. Unfortunately for atheists, God isn?t found under a microscope, in front of a telescope, behind an X-ray machine, or in a sock drawer. God doesn?t bow to the arrogant whims of atheists who demand he show himself to satisfy their criteria. The bible says in James 4:6 that " God is opposed to the proud but gives grace to the humble". As I stated earlier, atheists seem to conduct themselves with pride when it comes to their rejection of God, they need to rethink their approach and requirements, and consider what they believe, yes, they must believe that God doesn't exist, it is simply blind faith they utilize. God is not required to answer to us, we finite beings are in no position to question Almighty God and the atheists are no exception. God is treated by atheists as though he were some sort of object to be judged by our limited human standards which tend to be self-contradictory. I will challenge any atheists to seriously examine the evidence of God and read the bible, and pray, ask if their is a God, then let him reveal himself to them in a way that will be understood by their finite thinking. I am not opposed to atheists, they are free to believe or not believe in anything, but examine just who God is and what the christian faith stands for before judgement and ridicule is passed. I hope this information is helpful on what atheism is and how it is being conducted in this generation in these latter days.

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